What the hell is Vidizi?

Hey, so, basically, Vidizi is amazing tool. It will allow you to create 15 seconds promotional videos. 15 seconds is long enough to grab viewer’s attention to the point where he or she will want to click and go wherever you want them to go. That means that the viewer is likely to buy the service or product that you are providing.

The best thing is, Vidizi will allow you to customise the videos and their captions exactly the way you wish. That means that you will be able to add text, their colour, sub-heading, their colour and also back ground colour which makes is brighter and easier to read. This tool also allows you to edit and create the effect of text you wish. You can easily add effects like flashing, sliding from either side or top or bottom.

The best thing about these 15 second videos is that you can use them on Facebook or any other social advertising platform and then people will see the video which will start playing automatically. Why not take an advantage of it and create a very high clock through rate based campaign. Especially when you are paying on impression amount basis rather than clicks. This way, after optimising the video for the best click through rate, you can actually have a very high quality advertising campaign with penny clicks. This is heaven for the internet marketers.

So, why not take advantage of this amazing tool and buy it now? This will definitely help you create amazing videos that will work immensely.

Also, these videos will be professionally shot and eclusively for Vidizi library. That means that none of these videos are over-used by other marketers. The library has unbelievably large amount of videos that you can use for your own greey (or not) purpose.

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