SEO strategies for 2018

Have you ever wondered how SEO will change in 2018? Well, I have and I must say that I am quite excited about it.

First of all, it is going to be amazing how much easier it will become. No follow links will have more weight because that is exactly how Google will work. Wikipedia links will be very important, quite easily attainable. You just drop couple of such links and then see sky rocketing your rankings.

Really, WikiPedia links are working already in 2017. I tested and it was crazy. Unfortunately, for escort SEO, there won’t be many changes because of the industry, however, it is very exciting to see how positively it will change in 2018.

So, in order to rank, you will need to get more social signals. This will not be hard but if you can make your page getting shared by your clients, visitors or other experts in the industry, it will be amazing and epic. This will hugely impact your rankings.

Another amazing change is that Google will look at the internal linking. First of all, Page Authority (PA), metric developed by Moz allows you to check exactly that – you will be amazed how important this will become. Unlike Majestic’s Trust Flow (links, basically), internal linking will become a must-have in your on-page SEO arsenal.

And last but not least, it will be important to have all the certain pages like terms, privacy and other policies. This is amazing how Google’s algorithm is able to detect such pages and tell if they are fake or not. This will surely be important in 2018 because more and more Google stricts websites that do not comply with the regulations. This is to fight illegal websites as well as dodgy and websites created for SPAM purposes.

Now you know more about SEO 2018.

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