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SEO strategies for 2018

Have you ever wondered how SEO will change in 2018? Well, I have and I must say that I am quite excited about it.

First of all, it is going to be amazing how much easier it will become. No follow links will have more weight because that is exactly how Google will work. Wikipedia links will be very important, quite easily attainable. You just drop couple of such links and then see sky rocketing your rankings.

Really, WikiPedia links are working already in 2017. I tested and it was crazy. Unfortunately, for escort SEO, there won’t be many changes because of the industry, however, it is very exciting to see how positively it will change in 2018.

So, in order to rank, you will need to get more social signals. This will not be hard but if you can make your page getting shared by your clients, visitors or other experts in the industry, it will be amazing and epic. This will hugely impact your rankings.

Another amazing change is that Google will look at the internal linking. First of all, Page Authority (PA), metric developed by Moz allows you to check exactly that – you will be amazed how important this will become. Unlike Majestic’s Trust Flow (links, basically), internal linking will become a must-have in your on-page SEO arsenal.

And last but not least, it will be important to have all the certain pages like terms, privacy and other policies. This is amazing how Google’s algorithm is able to detect such pages and tell if they are fake or not. This will surely be important in 2018 because more and more Google stricts websites that do not comply with the regulations. This is to fight illegal websites as well as dodgy and websites created for SPAM purposes.

Now you know more about SEO 2018.

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What the hell is Vidizi?

Hey, so, basically, Vidizi is amazing tool. It will allow you to create 15 seconds promotional videos. 15 seconds is long enough to grab viewer’s attention to the point where he or she will want to click and go wherever you want them to go. That means that the viewer is likely to buy the service or product that you are providing.

The best thing is, Vidizi will allow you to customise the videos and their captions exactly the way you wish. That means that you will be able to add text, their colour, sub-heading, their colour and also back ground colour which makes is brighter and easier to read. This tool also allows you to edit and create the effect of text you wish. You can easily add effects like flashing, sliding from either side or top or bottom.

The best thing about these 15 second videos is that you can use them on Facebook or any other social advertising platform and then people will see the video which will start playing automatically. Why not take an advantage of it and create a very high clock through rate based campaign. Especially when you are paying on impression amount basis rather than clicks. This way, after optimising the video for the best click through rate, you can actually have a very high quality advertising campaign with penny clicks. This is heaven for the internet marketers.

So, why not take advantage of this amazing tool and buy it now? This will definitely help you create amazing videos that will work immensely.

Also, these videos will be professionally shot and eclusively for Vidizi library. That means that none of these videos are over-used by other marketers. The library has unbelievably large amount of videos that you can use for your own greey (or not) purpose.

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Greatest SEO strategies that work today

The most daunting question for all SEO experts is this – which link types perform better and which seo strategy is best? Well, I have been working on this for the past 10 years and I have been through all the ALN, FBL holy grails. I remember times when couple of ALN blasts on insurance or health related keywords would give first page rankings. It used to be very easy to rank websites, even if for a short while, you would still make huge profits.

Today I want to tell you what works. First of all, I am not interested in doing SEO for small local companies. I am more interested in national or international level companies and websites. I have done seo for so many different projects – I have adult adult, escort seo, gambling seo, seo for various other niches that are supposed to be very tough.

Let me tell you what works even in the toughest niches – diversity. Do all kinds of links that can be acquired manually. Don’t go the spam way because it will not work and it will also penalise your website. Do a lot of guest posts (real ones) and outreach. Create web 2.0 sites for your websites on each and every web 2.0 you can find. Just don’t post article linking back to your website, this is not going to work. You should post at least several posts, don’t link each post. Link from one, keep others link-less or, perhaps, link to authority websites such as wikipedia, bbc etc … also create social accounts on each social networking site – youtube, pinterest, facebook, twitter, instagram, vimeo, etc … they all allow you to put your links, even if its raw URL, you will still receive some authority juice from those websites.

Also, do something viral so all the people and websites share your post(s).

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